Hello there…

I’m Louise, and I’ve been running Sharp Edit since 2012. I’m based in South Wales, in a small office on top of a mountain. (No, really. I am.) But that doesn’t stop me working with clients from every corner of the globe.

I am crazy about all things creative and wordy and still can’t believe I’m doing work I love for so many talented (and blinking lovely) people every day.

Are we made for each other?

I specialise in assisting people who work within the creative industries or alternative professions*. Why? Because creative people are awesome, of course! But sometimes they need a little bit of help when it comes to the practical (boring) things and I’m pretty good at getting that kind of stuff done.

Clients include authors, academics, artists, poets, musicians, life coaches, and performers. For me, creating a great working relationship is vital and I’m over the moon to say most people I meet become repeat clients. Individuals, small companies, and location independent businesses: I have the absolute best time helping them to fulfill their artistic ambitions.

As someone pointed out to me a while back, even J. K. Rowling had an editor. So if you’re looking for someone to shoulder the load while you concentrate on letting your creative juices flow, get in touch!

*Creative industries and alternative professions… huh? To clarify, I mean people who don’t work in a typically corporate-boardroom-stuffy-suits type of industry/business. Work should be fun, after all.