Poetry thoughts…

Blue Forever

Mysterious Maiden; Mistress of blue,

Washed by endless, swirling, sequined fingers,

Submerged in velvet, turquoise patchwork that circles and ripples to frame your beauty.

And yet it comes.

The constant reach and pull,

The ebb and flow and lap and curl that forever calls hushed words.

Enchanting whispers sing out with some kind of beautiful sorrow,

Enticing to deep, dark, dangerous depths,

Where unfulfilled promises accompany a haunting melody.

And again.

The constant reach and pull,

The driving force; compelling motion,

Drawing in with absolute magnetism.

The crash and break of desire, foregoes to torrid swell,

As foamy clutches swirl rocks and shore and twisted metal.

Unforgiving temptation climaxes to deafening crescendo,

As wanton lust is swallowed up in blue forever.

And now.

The familiar constant reach and pull,

Pulling back, restoring calm,      

Recalling betrayal with effortless authority.

In the aftermath, golden tongues rush across vast water-coloured canvass,

Highlighting and pinpointing every break and every note as they rise and fall like a shimmering score.

But still.

That constant reach and pull,

That ebb and flow and lap and curl become a beautiful tug of war;

A glorious definition of perpetual desire.

* Photographs taken by me during a visit to Tenby, Pembrokeshire. Tenby is my inspirational place and where I feel most at home.

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