• Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Research
  • Content creation
  • Project management – including social media, marketing and promotion, and project-related administration*

Hang on, how much will this cost me?

Rates for ongoing project management and basic research are charged at £12.50 per hour.

Rates for editing, proofreading, detailed research projects, and content creation are offered on a fixed, per project rate.

Hours are billed weekly or fortnightly to suit you. I also accept monthly retainer arrangements, always billed in advance.


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*Administration is a pretty vague term, isn’t it? And it’s actually a gigantic umbrella covering umpteen services, so let me expand a little here! I’m classed as a virtual assistant, but that doesn’t mean I’m a secretary, a receptionist, or an administrator. However, I am happy to take on the administrative tasks that relate to our projects together. Tasks could include typing, record keeping, document creation, email creation/campaign management, appearance/exhibition bookings, creative submissions, flight/travel arrangements, personal/home services, or any of the other 287 bits and bobs that occur as part of your projects and seem to suck all your valuable time. Nothing personal, but I won’t manage email accounts on your behalf and I don’t provide daily data entry/reconciliation services.